Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Happy new year!

We wish you a prosperous 2014, full of energy and light. We would like to share with you our events for 2014. We hope to see you soon in beautiful Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal.

This Year we will host two guest teachers from Hawaii, Nancy Gilgoff in June and Matt Corigliano in July (for event details please scroll down). We will also run our 3rd annual Yoga, Surf, and Sun Summer Mysore Style program, from mid-June to September, as well as a few other events throughout the year. We will teach here in Milfontes full-time, with some trips to Lisbon (Ashtanga Yoga Studies Part 2) and abroad planned in as well.
To organize a workshop with us please contact us via email.

Many Thanks & Blessings,
Lea and Tarik

The 2nd Ashtanga Yoga studies course is a continuation of our previous program. The course is intended for yoga students willing to deepen their knowledge of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. The program includes traditional Mysore Style and led classes, along with chanting of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Pranayama and discussions on the philosophical and technical aspects of the practice.

The course will meet over four weekends during February and March.

February 8 - 9 and 22 - 23

March 8 - 9 and 29 - 30

Daily Schedule: 8 am Chanting, 8:30 to 10:30 Mysore Style, followed by Pranayama. Break for breakfast.  11:15 discussion.

Location: CDO - Centro de Dança de Oeiras - R. João Chagas nº 3 Algés, 1495-071 Lisbon, Portugal (Click here for map)

* To attend this course you must send in us a e-mail explaining previous yoga studies and why you are interested in attending (for new students only), along with a 50€ bank reservation by February 1st.

Spring Detox -  March 21 (evening arrival), 22 & 23

Join us for a two day residential Juice Detox and Ashtanga Yoga Retreat at Herdade do Freixial. Spring is the perfect time for a detox. Traditionally spring is seen as a time of renewal and growth. Detoxing encourages healing physically and spiritually, immune system strengthening, pain and stress relieving, as well as weight loss etc.

Spring Detox includes Friday night arrival yoga class (7pm) followed by evening juice, Saturday and Sunday Mysore Style practice and juices for the day, plus two nights stay at the Herdade do Freixial, Vila Nova Milfontes.

Tarik will offer Acupuncture sessions during the detox for those interested at an extra cost. Acupuncture in the context of detoxing can help the body to eliminate toxins more quickly, help the cleansing process and the relax the mind.

Price: 180€
(Includes yoga classes, juices and two nights stay, in a shared apartment, double rooms for couples also available)

A nonrefundable 50€ deposit is necessary to book your space. This retreat is limited to 20 people.

Check our webpage "Visit us" for travel info or send us an e-mail

Easter Retreat / Ashtanga Yoga Studies Course- April 16th to 20th - Vila Nova Milfontes
This workshop will follow the model of our Ashtanga Yoga Studies Course, but condensed into a 5 day intensive (25 hours course).

During the five days, students will be initiated into chanting the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, followed by Mysore Style Practice, and Pranayama. There will be a discussion group each day covering philosophical and technical aspects of the practice.

Brunch will be offered following the morning session. Between classes, students are encouraged to explore the beautiful local beaches and nature.

Students will be encouraged during the course to: 
  • Learn the history, origin and characteristics of Ashtanga Yoga. 
  • Pronounce and chant both the Opening and Closing Mantras and to understand their meaning.
  • Understand the practice of Bandhas and Dristhis, as well as their numbers, names and when to practice them.
  • Understand the practice of Vinyasa and know their numbers for each Asana.
  • Practice basic Pranayama correctly.
  • Memorize the Yoga Sutras opening prayer.
  • To know the Sanskrit names of the Primary Series Asanas, as well as their meanings, benefits and effects.
  • Chant correctly the first Chapter of the Yoga sutras, with the help of the text book.
Books Recommended:
Yoga Mala - Sri K Pattabhi Jois
Material provided:
CD/file recording of the Yoga Sutras to practice at home.
Investment: 250€ with Breakfast Included (50€ deposit due by March 30th)

Check our webpage "Visit us" for travel info or send us an e-mail

From June 7th to the 10th, joins us for four days of Mysore Style Classes and Discussion with Nancy Gilgoff, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal.

Classes will take place at The Herdade do Frexial.
We have the fortunate opportunity to host Ashtanga Yoga teacher Nancy Gilgoff, for her third time teaching in Portugal. Nancy has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years, being the first woman to practice with Guruji. For more info on Nancy, Click here!

Workshop price: 200€
*A 50€ reservation must be made by May 30th

Check our webpage "Visit us" for travel info or send us an e-mail
July 19th to 25th - 7 days Mysore Style and Surf Retreat with Matt Corigliano - Vila Nova Milfontes, Herdade do Frexial
Join us for Matt's Mysore Style and Surf retreat. Matt is an amazing teacher, friend, surfer, photographer and nature lover.  He spends his time traveling the globe teaching Ashtanga Yoga and surfing.  For more information on Matt Click here!

Price: 200€ (50€ reservation by July 1st)

Check our webpage "Visit us" for travel info or send us an e-mail

Join us for our third summer in Vila Nova Milfontes teaching daily Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga seven days a week.
Come to get healthier, to learn to surf, and enjoy your summer in our piece of paradise in southwest Portugal.


- Mysore Style Classes, 8 to 10 am, 7 days per week, with exception of moon days.

After class you can take Super Food Breakfast at the Shala, explore the local beaches, learn to surf, take walks, go horse back riding or simply take rest.

- Price for Yoga classes: 80€ /week, 150€ / 2 weeks, 200€ /month
Check our webpage "Visit us" for travel info or send us an e-mail



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