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New Year's Eve Retreat - Dec 27th - Dec 31st

Dear Students,

We would like to invite you to Love Ashtanga Yoga New Year's retreat in Beautiful Vila Nova de Milfontes. We will be teaching traditional Mysore Style every morning at Herdade do Freixial in a very nice Yoga Shala facing Rio Mira. The view is stunning and the room is very comfortable. After Yoga our guest chef Julie Haleen* from USA will be serving amazing healthy, organic and nutritious breakfast. She will also be serving one more meal a day. Besides Yoga and healthy food students will have the opportunity to engage in outside activities such as Surfing, Hiking, Horse Back Riding etc. or simply take rest and enjoy the peace and tranquility typical from the area. The retreat is not residential so you will have to find your own housing, we can suggest the following places for you: (surf camp and surfing school) (where the Yoga Shala is) (very close from the Yoga Shala) (a nice walk away) (close but you would need a car or bicycle) (camping) (hotel by the beach and village) (many other options for housing) (nice guest house)

airbnbmilfontes (If you want to rent a house search here)

In case you don´t like any of those send us a message and we can try to help you out.

We are still planing this event and more information will be posted soon, if you want to come and spend the new year with us, please send us an email to:  

We will host a new year's eve party at our house with food and "Sweat Lodge" and all the Yogis are welcome. There will be no class on the 1st of January 2014 since it is New Moon Day, Join us for a new beginning.


Tarik & Lea

Julie Haleen began practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Upstate NY in 2002 under the instruction of Lea Marie Perfetti nd has since then practiced with Nancy Gilgoff and Sharath Jois.  After moving to Portland OR in 2005, Julie began to explore a career in cooking, with a focus on organic, local and sustainable cuisine.  As a graduate of the Good Keuken professional school of French and Italian cooking, Julie works as a private chef with emphasis on healthy living.  

Ashtanga Yoga, Surfing and Nutrition - Weekend programs

Autumn Weekend Teaching Schedule in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Alentejo - Portugal

We will be teaching Mysore Style classes on specific weekends at the Herdade do Freixial during the autumn months (weekday Mysore classes can be arranged upon request).  All students are encouraged to come down and practice, and then enjoy the beautiful surroundings and empty beaches that the area offers. As you already know, surfing is always an option after yoga is over ;) and the weather should still be warm and the beaches empty.  This autumn we are also planing a few walks on the Rota Vicentina and edible mushroom gathering, with experienced guides.


We will offer breakfast after class at the Herdade, as we did during the summer, as well as a campfire and dinner at our house on Saturday night.   The food will always be vegetarian, organic and local when possible.


Weekend Dates (Morning Mysore program can be extended on week days upon request):


October: 5 / 6 - 19 / 20


November 16 / 17


November 30 / December 1


December 14 / 15


Please reserve your weekend at least 1 week before.


Price: Yoga Saturday and Sunday, 2 breakfasts, and Saturday dinner - 60 euros.

Just Yoga, Saturday and Sunday - 30 euros.



We can make recommendations for places to stay in the area, in all price ranges. During the off-season months the accommodations are much more affordable.
Lea and Tarik

Ashtanga Yoga Studies - Course

  Location: CDO-Centro de Dança de Oeiras in Algés-Portugal.

Duration: 32hours total hours of class time (practical and theoretical) divided into 4 weekends, during the months of October, November and December 2013.

Home studies: Students are expected to study around 2 hours a day at home (asana practice included).

  • To know the history, origin and characteristics of Ashtanga Yoga. 
  • To pronounce and chant both the Opening and Closing Mantras and to understand its meaning.
  • Understand the practice of Bandhas and Dristhis as well as their numbers, names and when to practice them.
  • To understand the practice of Vinyasa and know their numbers for each Asana.
  • Practice basic Pranayama correctly.
  • Memorize the Yoga Sutras opening prayer
  • To develop correct intention and discipline to practice alone.
  • To know the sânscrit name of the primary series Asanas as well as their meanings, benefits and effects.
  • Chant correctly the first Chapter of the Yogasutras; with the help of the book.
October 12 / 13
8h00: Yoga Sutras de Patanjali
8h30: Mysore Style*
10h00: Pranayama / Conference
November 9 / 10
8h00: Yoga Sutras de Patanjali
8h30: Mysore Style*
10h00: Pranayama / Conference
November 23 / 24
8h00: Yoga Sutras de Patanjali
8h30: Mysore Style*
10h00: Pranayama / Conference
December 7 / 8
8h00: Yoga Sutras de Patanjali
8h30: Mysore Style*
10h00: Pranayama / Conference
* Mysore Style classes are open for any student (they can pay a drop-in fee) but may not attend the chanting or other classes.
Yoga Mala - Sri K Pattabhi Jois
Material provided:
CD/file recording of the Yoga Sutras and Primary series led Class to practice at home.
Mysore style class drop-in (open for any student): 15€
Course fee total: 200€
All students interested in participating in this course should send us an email by the 1st of October with the subject: ASHTANGA YOGA COURSE and answer the following questions: 
1- How experienced are you? How long and with whom have you been practicing? (no longer than 150 words)
2- Why would you like to take part on this course?
If you have any questions or doubts please write us directly and we will try to clear it up.

Blessings, Lea & Tarik 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Dear Boggers,

We are here in Alentejo teaching till 31st of August, we haven't been "Blogging" Much. Check us ou FB:


Tarik & Lea

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mysore Style with Matt Corigliano - July 20th - 28th 2013

Matt Corigliano will be teaching in Vila Nova de Milfontes from July 20th - 28th.

Vila Nova de Milfontes is located 200km South of Lisbon / Portugal in one of the most pristine and beautiful coastlines in the world. This will be the second consecutive year that Matt comes to this part of the planet to share his experience not only as a Yogi but also as a Surfer and Lover of Nature and the Ocean. There are few Yoga teachers Today taking a consistent path towards a more healthy life-style directly connected with Nature, Matt spends most of his time surfing in Bali and Hawaii eating healthy, doing his practice and spending many hours in the Ocean. This will be his first and possibly only stop in Europe. Don't miss this chance to practice with him.

Matt's bio: Matt's parents started practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Sri. K Pattabhi Jois in the early 80's. His parents have been a big influence on many of the teachers and students that practice Ashtanga Yoga today. 
 Their devotion and love for yoga had a huge effect in his life.   He experienced his first yoga classes at the age of six.
 Raised a vegetarian and growing up on the Hawaiian Islands with the ocean and nature was a great path into the yoga
 Matt hopes  to share the yoga in a way to inspire and empower  the student to live life with the fullest of potential.
His classes are for  both beginner and advanced student giving a space to learn and grow at your own pace.  Matt  has been traveling teaching Ashtanga Yoga internationally for more then 12 years.  He continues to travel  today spreading the powerful affects ashtanga yoga has on the world. 
 Matt  is  one of very few Advanced student of Guruji and Sharath and is  Authorized  to Teach by KPJAYI (Ashtanga Yoga Institute) of Mysore, South India. Matt's web:

The Yoga Shala:

Where to Stay: Students can choose to Stay ate Herdade do Freixial or can choose from many other places around the area.

here are some options: (surf camp and surfing school) (where the Yoga Shala is) (very close from the Yoga Shala) (a nice walk away) (close but you would need a car or bicycle) (camping) (hotel by the beach and village) (many other options for housing) (nice guest house)

This site is very useful also: just search for "Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira" 

Price for the Workshop: 200€ for Mysore Style (housing and food not included) 

Please contact us for further information

+351 91 4094330

Tarik & Lea 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


In Vila Nova de Milfontes - Portugal

During the months of July and August 2013, we will be teaching Morning Mysore Style 7 days a week at (except moon days)

The Yoga Shala is located on a very traditional Portuguese old style "Monte Alentejano" and is five minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. We have students from all over the world coming for the traditional Ashtanga Yoga classes, the empty beaches,great surfing, wild nature, and the laid back life style that is characteristic of this region of Portugal. 

Vila Nova de Milfontes has one of the most beautiful coast lines of all of Europe and it is sunny everyday. There are waves for all levels of surfers, from the first timers to the most experienced of surfers. The surfing experience in the Alentejo is very special as there are still many uncrowded spots left to be discovered. 

There are many places to stay and students can choose to stay in a place that most adequately fits their budget. Contact us via email or Facebook and we will help you plan your trip.

Fees for Yoga classes only:

One month: 200€
One week:   75€
Drop in:    20€

Surfing Classes:


We don't teach begginers but we work in partnership with and they have a special prices for Yoga Students.

Intermediate and Experienced:

We will surf together with no charge ;)

Private Lessons:


We have a private surfing instructor who also Practices Ashtanga Yoga, if you want to have him you should book in advance.

We will be updating our Facebook page often with more information:

Please contact us for more information

00351 91 409 4330


Tarik & Lea


Monday, February 25, 2013

Um texto que escreví em 2003... primordios do Ashtanga em Portugal ;)


O Bambu e a planta que cresce mais depressa no mundo...
e no seu crescimento ele não se engana no caminho...
  traça uma linha reta e ascende em direção ao céu...

  também o Yogi...

É mais flexível e resistente que o aço...
mas não
é eterno... sua estrutura externa é perecível...

  também a do Yogi...

A resistência do bambu reside no seu interior...
mas o que esta no interior do bambu para ser tão resistente?
NADA... não existe nada... o bambu esta vazio por dentro... e sua
  resistência e flexibilidade reside exatamente no seu vazio... e esse
é eterno...

  também no Yogi...

A utilidade das coisas residem no vazio... um copo cheio não pode ser
enchido... num shala só se prática por não haver nada dentro... um computador e rápido e
eficiente quando o disco esta limpo... mas quando o disco esta
deitamos a maquina fora...

portanto tudo o que e útil no mundo tem que estar vazio... só acontece pois esta vazio por dentro...

  Mas o bambu apodrece quando a agua entra dentro...

por que é que entupimos a mente e o coração com coisas??? mal a mente
cheia... perde a utilidade como um carro cheio ou como um shala
abarrotado... ou então apodrece como o bambu...

o yogi procura esvaziar a mente... todo e qualquer conhecimento
  éinútil... só serve para ocupar espaço...

O bambu não resiste... por isso é tão difícil destrui-lo ou quebra-lo... ele
deixa-se levar pelo vento... e como esta enraizado no vazio nada
perturba-lo... ele cresce ao sabor do vento...

o Yogi sabendo disso não resiste... se entrega... também vive ao sabor
vento... vai onde o vento da vida o leva e renuncia
qualquer tipo de conhecimento que não o conhecimento verdadeiro...
O Yogi não faz nada... o Yogi não age... quem move o bambu? é o vento
(energia) ou ele se move por vontade própria?

um Yogi inteligente sabe que nenhuma ação é dele e entrega entrega
todas as
suas ações à energia cósmica (Prana)... ao Tao... deus... não
aquilo que quiserem chamar!!!

o Yogi sabe que "Aquilo" e ele são o mesmo... e esta e a única
  também o bambu sabe (mesmo sem saber)... ele é aquilo que esta

portanto observem as coisas... mas a partir do vazio sempre... observem
o bambu... se conseguirem viver como o bambu... nenhum tipo de
terá mais utilidade... pois encontrastes resposta para tudo que sempre
  quisestes saber...

como o bambu...
  crescemos sempre em movimento ascendente...

se assim o fizeres nunca te enganaras no caminho pois só existe um...

como o bambu...
desenvolva a flexibilidade e a resistência do aço... mas lembra-te de
vem a força... não é da estrutura (corpo) mas sim do teu interior...
vazio (Prana)...

como o bambu...
  apesar de estar dentro de ti saiba que o vazio não te pertence... mas
pertences ao vazio...

como o bambu...
acredita no teu interior(mesmo sem acreditar)... deixa-te levar ao
sabor do
vento pois a flexibilidade e resistência te preservarão...

como o bambu...
entrega-te sem medo... que a noção do vazio seja bem clara... faca
chuva ou
sol... na ausência do vento ou na maior tempestade... confie sempre no
vazio interior... pois ele não resiste... e não resistindo chegas ao teu

como o bambu...

  será que temos que ir a algum lado??? será que já não estamos no
  será que o destino e o inicio do caminho não são o mesmo...

  será que o bambu se faz estas perguntas... acho que não... se não
tempestade o derrubaria... ele não cresceria tão depressa e seu caminho
seria traçado numa só reta...

ele sabe que nada sabe, que cresce sem saber como, que resiste
por não resistir... que existe exatamente por não existir...

afinal não há nada dentro dele...

Om Shanti


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Easter / Spring, Ashtanga Yoga, Surfing and Raw Food Retreat with Tarik, Lea and Chef Isabel Serra


(TEXTO EM PORTUGUÊS ABAIXO) Spring has been traditionally considered as the best season to detoxify and cleanse the body. The body is awaking from the winter and getting ready for summer, a good moment to invest in your health, strengthening your body and mind for the rest of the year.

We will teach daily morning Mysore Style at Isabel Serra will provide amazing raw food menu for the Yogis.

Spring in Portugal is also very good time for surfing, with light morning offshore winds and medium size swells, making the waves perfect for beginners and advanced surfers.

The Alentejo fields will be totally covered by multiple colored flowers, one of the most stunning seasons to visit this coastline. We will be posting more details about the event. Contact us at or give us a call 00351 914094330



Daily Morning Mysore; Raw Breakfast and Dinner; Daily Surf Trips (beach is 5 min from shala); nightly campfires to spend time wilth fellow yogis; sweatlodge.

Hope to see you there

Tarik & Lea 

Check the video from the past winter event

A Primavera é tradicionalmente considerada a melhor estação do ano para desintoxicar e limpar o corpo. O Corpo se despede do estado de Hibernação, dando as boas vindas ao Verão sendo um ótimo momento para investir na sua saúde, fortalecendo o corpo e a mente para o resto do ano.

Vamos estar a dar aulas de Mysore Style todas as manhãs na Herdade do Freixial ( A "Chef" Isabel Serra irá preparar um fantástico menu "Raw" para os Yogis.

A Primavera é normalmente uma das melhores épocas para o surf. Ventos offshore pelas manhãs e boas ondulações tornam as ondas de primavera perfeitas para principiantes e avançados.

Os campos alentejanos estarão repletos de flores de múltiplas cores, uma das épocas mais bonitas para visitar a região. Vamos postar mais detalhes sobre o evento em breve. Podem nos contactar por mail ou telefone 914094330. 

vejam o video:

Esperamos por vocês.

Tarik & Lea